1. Maintaining and promoting the different Indian Yoga traditions.
2. To provide extensive research facilities for carrying out fundamental and clinical research in the discipline of Yoga and its applications keeping in view the socio-economic needs of all sections of the society.
3. To hold Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Camps and Public meetings to propagate information and knowledge of Yoga, its various techniques and practice in various parts of India as well as abroad
4. To conduct workshops, seminars around the world through its lifetime members
5. Accreditation and affiliation of Yoga Institutions including Prescribing of basic requirements for affiliation of Yoga Institutions
6. To bring certain amount of self discipline in the operations of the Yoga Institutions
7. To conduct experiments and research on emerging trends in Yoga
8. To develop techniques and approaches based on the Ancient Yoga Texts and Granthas of Yoga to meet the challenges of the modern era.
9. To prescribe different courses for imparting Yoga education, training, therapy and research.
10. Certification of Yoga Professionals and Yoga Schools.
11. Certification of Yoga Professionals and Yoga Schools.