Yoga Vidya Gurukul
    • Yoga Vidya Dham is a Non Profit Organization (NGO) working for people by imparting Yoga Education to all sections of the society.
  • There are different courses of Yoga ( Training Courses ), the duration varies from one hour to few months. The courses for basic yoga (yogasana or yoga positions) to advance practices (pranayama, meditation), treatment courses for various diseases (heart related problems, hypertension, asthama, diabetes, backache, arthritis, psychosomatic diseases), courses for mentally retarded, pregnant women, actors, children etc. are conducted at Yoga Vidya Dham and various branches.
  • Established in 1979 by Yogacharya Vishwas Vasant Mandlik, Nasik and is functioning for the propagation of Yoga.
  • There are 151 Branches in Maharashtra and 25 Branches out of Maharashtra State.
  • Yoga Vidya Dham is a Gurukul (University) which imparts Yoga training to students and those aspiring to be yoga teachers.
  • Yoga Vidya Dham is a Research Institute affiliated with University of Pune since 1992.
  • Yoga Vidya Dham runs 5 well equipped Yoga & Naturapathy treatment center. 3 Centers in Nasik city, 1 in Kolhapur city and 1 in Nagar City in Maharashtra.
  • Till today more than 250,000 people have successfully completed Basic Yoga Pravesh course all over India.
  • There are more than 5500 certified Yoga Teachers who are working selflessly in Training Activities.

Special Courses

  • Special Courses are conducted for the treatment of
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes
    • Asthma
    • Heart Diseases
    • Acidity
    • Ulcer
    • Spondilytis
    • M.C.Problems and many more diseases
  • Tailor made courses are also conducted for the patients suffering from Chronic Diseases.
  • Naturopathic processes are also incorporated in the treatment to give better results.
  • An exclusive curriculum is designed for students of all age groups.
  • Courses for Professionals are also conducted there.

Our Features

  • There is Yoga & Naturopathy Hospital with 25 beds in Nashik, with good lodging & boarding facility.
  • The course of 10 days is regularly conducted for patients. It starts on the 1st, 11th & 21st of every month.
  • A Yoga Library for all the Yoga students, teachers and patients.


The Yoga Gurukul (University) was formed in the year 1983 and university certified courses were also started. Varied courses in Yoga at different levels are conducted here ,like Yoga Bindu, Sopan, Pravesh, Praveen, Pandit, Yoga Shikshak, Adhyapak and Pradhyapak. These courses are conducted in the Govt. Training Centers also.

Yoga learners and followers can enhance their knowledge, their mental abilities and also increase their spiritual levels through these courses. Guidance is given to all males, females, teenagers and senior citizens/aged people and all those who are interested in Yoga.

Course for Yoga Teachers

The above-mentioned courses are regularly carried on in Nashik. Besides that a special course is conducted for the Yoga learners staying outside Nashik. The syllabus in this course is very helpful and informative. One who completes this course successfully can individually conduct classes for ‘Yoga Pravesh’.

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