Bharatiya Yoga Sansthan

The genesis of Yog has been adopted on the lines enshrined by Maharishi Patanjali. Healthy Living- Happy Living… Our focus is the most burdened and stressed family person who has dual responsibility to keep his or her family floating in this turbulent world.

Such a person is most precious asset of our society and his health is a prime concern to the Sansthan. The Sansthan has designed an hour’s programme, which has to be followed on daily basis. He or she will be required to do Asans for 30 minutes. These are further categorised i.e. standing, sitting, on knees, on stomach, on back. One should do minimum of one Asan daily from each of the above category. This is First Part of one hour catering to the requirement of Physical Fitness. Paranayam follows the above as second part for 20 minutes.

It is also inclusive of ‘Hansi Yog’ and ‘Tratak’. This Second Part is designed for the Mental Fitness of an individual Sadhak. Thought is the ‘cosmic energy’ of the body and need to be harnessed on daily basis. Thus, the third part is of 10 minutes consisting of ‘dhyan’ and ‘chanting of mantras’ and ‘prayer’. In keeping with the above principles and methodology, Sansthan is presently conducting more than 3200 FREE Yog centers where lakhs and lakhs of people from all castes, creeds, sections, rich, poor, young, old, men, women, have or are being benefited at all the levels of human existence – physical, mental and spiritual.

The aspirant is made to practice Yog for an hour and gradually acquires skill to teach Yog to others. The distribution of time is as under: – All the Yog centers follow the same pattern on everyday basis and are run by local representatives to give benefit to the residents residing around that center. Thus, expert selfless Yog teachers conduct the centers free of cost. By gradually and regularly practicing Yog, a selfish becomes selfless person. He begins doing well to others without expecting any reward. Thus, he is able to shun greed in his lifetime and resultantly all other ailments of mind. Sansthan therefore enables each and every individual to become ‘Niskam Karmyogi’ i.e. a Selfless Karmyogi’. Sansthan’s Vision… To fulfill its aims and objects, Sansthan has constructed Yog Ashram – Cum- Research Centre where training is imparted through various short and long term courses, efficiency classes, seminars, interaction, yogabhyas etc.

The energy, thus, sublimated through these various courses shall make the aspirant grow a selfless efficient worker of ‘Vanprasthi’ (one who makes his livelihood on his own but serves the society without expecting any reward) in nature (who shall depict their life not through words but by deeds). The Centre thus helps the Sansthan to search talent which is a continuous future requirement of our society.

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