Swami Bharat Bhusan ji

Swami Bharat Bhusan ji

An eye capturing and heart touching handsome young boy of 18 years with fair complexion, strong muscular built, always cheerful & glowing face and deep bright eyes, abundant energy, self confidence, leadership skill, wonderful art of oratory with offers of film industry, class one jobs in police, army and in private sector and other worldly attractions all around BUT… clear vision.

This young boy was touched with the paining heart, self confidence, courage to accept and stand for truth, revolutionary life, selfless service and truth pricked words of Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Swami Vivekanand, Kabir and Nanak Dev. Their lives made him to decide to stay above and make the best use of his life by leaving all such attractions aside and serve the humanity as a servant of Divine.

At so early an age he became a popular teacher among young generation always surrounded by youth. Youth felt proud to come in his association and found a beam of light in the clouds of confusions and darkness. The name of this young Bharat Bhushan became synonym of ‘Guru ji’ as youth from all classes and faiths were at his home or around him where ever he went for solution of their problems, quarries and curiosity.

It was his life style that attracted the youth from being spoiled and understands the meaning of true health, strength, beauty, religion, social service, patriotism and importance of coexistence and spiritualism. His home became a popular visiting centre for Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other faiths. May it be Diwali, Eid, Xmas day, Independence Day, Republic Day or the incarnation days of Nanak Dev, Kabir, Raidas or Balmiki or sacrifice days of our great martyrs, his home was always crowded with people of different faiths who were there to celebrate these occasions with social, patriotic, spiritual color. His home became the only place where people enjoyed the literary & cultural activities, social and national discussions along with spiritual living with liberty to continue their religious faiths, where youth of different faiths did never hesitate in celebrating holy Yajan, Holi, Eid, Diwali, and Xmas day all together.

Life of Gurudev Bharat Bhushan ji, is a living example of the high tradition of great souls traveling this planet when ever humanity is in great need of such revolutionary seers to spark and flash light of true knowledge to prevailing darkness of ignorance and sorrows in society.

Guruji is the symbol of perfection in all spheres of life weather it be academic education, sports, co curricular activities, moral values, literature, speech, poetry, music, relationships, journalism, social work, spirituality, ayurveda and bodybuilding as he is the only vegetarian Mr. India as well.

But the aim of his life was pretty clear from the very beginning. He is a mentor who has changed the lives of many others. He is just

like Paras that converts everything in gold which comes in contact with him.

The only ‘Padma Shri’ recipient in the field of yog in 1991 by the then President of India Shri R. Venkatraman and the explorer of the Indian spiritual science of Yog in more than 60 countries YOG GURU ‘PADMA SHRI’ BHARAT BHUSHAN behaves just like an ordinary man when he caress his cow, when he waters the plants of his ashram and when he shares his wonderful moments of life with his students and is always surrounded by youth around him.