Maa Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Senior Vice President
Maa Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Smt. Hansaji has been at the forefront of The Yoga movement since the last five decades, as a teacher, teacher-educator, researcher and an excellent communicator in the Television medium. She has authored several books on Yoga in multiple languages. She took over as the Director of The Yoga Institute in the year 1997.

Dr. Hansaji right from her childhood days exhibited extraordinary inclination towards Yoga. Early childhood days were spent in quiet meditative contemplation and reciting verses from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita that astounded her friends and family. A strong foundation based on Gandhian principles shaped her beliefs.

She has completed her graduation in science and holds law degree from the Government Law College, Mumbai and also completed Yoga teacher training course at The Yoga Institute.

She brought about key revolutionary changes in the Institute. Her emphasis on spreading Yoga education especially for women led to the expansion of the Ladies Wing, more special classes for women, Pregnancy, Ante-natal and Postnatal camps, and the Menopause Women’s Camp. She learnt and taught yoga at a time when women were not considered a part of the Yoga fraternity.

She is well-known for her oratory skills and is quite popular amongst the national and international Yoga fraternity. Her capacity to engage the audience using real life incidences to convey Yoga Philosophy is remarkable. She gives her talks in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati.

Celebrated charismatic presenter of the popular television series ’Yoga for Better Living’, first aired in 1980 on DD (National Channel) It  was judged all time popular series of the time. This program was also christened by IIT Professors as one of the most Scientific and Logical TV Series.

As a Yoga Expert she was the consultant as well as the presenter for the ‘Yoga Sutra’ section programme aired on ZEE TV. The show was aired across the globe in 162 countries.

Around the globe Smt. Hansaji has conducted several seminars and lecture tours on Yoga in India, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the United States of America etc. She has also conducted talks at the BARC, IIT, as well as at many Rotary Clubs and Lions Clubs.

She inaugurated many Yoga Centres in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kunchaman, Mumbai, Rajasthan etc. (to name a few) which are run by The Yoga Institute trained teachers.

Smt.Hansaji- “First Lady of Yoga” made the nation proud by being the only lady yoga guru to share the stage alongside-Honourable Prime Minister of India-Shri Narendra Modiji at the ‘First International Yoga Day’ (21 June 2015-New Delhi)

Under her astute guidance,

  • The Yoga Institute (TYI) became the first QCI (Quality Council of India) certified yoga teacher training school in India. Also at present, she is the Chairman of THE YOGA CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE-QCI
  • The Yoga Institute has received the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Promotion and Development of Yoga on International Day of Yoga 2018. This provides us with much encouragement to carry on spreading the goodness of yoga with much zest to the corporate sector as well.
  • Several projects for the welfare of society are running efficaciously since more than 50 decades such as Women and child welfare, women’s rescue programs, Yoga For Special Children, Camps to empower the most marginalized communities, especially women and children suffering from exploitation, abuse, malnutrition, juvenile homes, slum inhabitants, HIV, AIDS etc.