Traditional Yoga Meditation for Holistic Health

A workshop by Prof. R. S. Bhogal

25th – 31st August, 2019
1st – 8th December, 2019

Yogic tenets drawn from ancient Indian texts such as Patanjala Yoga Sutra, Hatha Pradipika and Simha Samhita lay the foundation to this unique workshop on meditation and healing. Under Prof. R S Bhogal’s guidance, participants will learn how to experience and achieve their individual meditative states in a gradual simple-to-complex progression.
Traditional Yoga Meditation for Holistic Health

This traditional method of learning and practising meditation towards holistic health has been in practice in India for thousands of years, healing people with chronic illnesses and psychosomatic disorders, relieving them from day-to-day pain and stress, and leading them towards a rejuvenated life filled with inner peace and harmony.

This workshop will be beneficial particularly for:

  • Stress Management
  • A sure way to help heal you out of chronic/ psychosomatic disorders
  • Evolving one’s own pure Self towards deeper peace & harmony within

Actual methods to be communicated and practiced during the workshop:

During the workshop, participants will learn the subtler aspects of breathing and how it is essential in achieving states of awareness, relaxation and physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

They will discover how chanting specific mantras reaches the unconscious mind, opening up and activating energies which have the power to improve and transform lives.

What Benefits You Will Accrue from this Meditation Workshop?

You will experience a holistic transformation in your life. You will understand that relief from specific physical and mental disorders – e.g. diabetes or depression, migraines or mood swings, tiredness or hypertension – can be achieved through meditation and a holistic approach to health. Moreover, you will be enriched by the knowledge that traditional meditation techniques are trusted, non-intrusive ways of healing one’s self.

25th – 31st August 2019
1st – 8th December 2019

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