Shri Ravi Tumuluri

Joint Secretary
Shri Ravi Tumuluri

Vision: To bring Values in Education

Mission: Conceptualizing and Implementation of Education Models

Objectives: Use Indian Systems of Education to bring value education, total personality development; to leverage the power of technology for accelerated learning

Important Roles:

  • Yoga Domain Expert for NSDA under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Representative, Committee on formation of Department of Yoga, Naturopathy and Cognitive Sciences, BHAU Lucknow Central University, Lucknow
  • Implementation and Coordination Officer, JICC, UP Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad
  • Coordinator, Joint Working Group, AICTE-S-VYASA for Creation of Yoga MOOCs under SWAYAM, MHRD
  • Coordination and Implementation Officer, Joint Committee, IGNOU-VYASA
  • Member, Committee on creation of Curriculum, Bharatiya Jnana Parampara, National Institute of Open Schooling
  • Member, Coordinator, Committee on creations of MOOCs in Humanities and Social Sciences, UGC, MHRD
  • Member, Working Committee, Committee on Yoga Education in Universities, MHRD
  • Member, Coordination, Committee for Creation of Inter University Center for Yogic Sciences, MHRD
  • Nodal Officer, Member, Committee on Policy of AYUSH in Medical Tourism, Ministry of Tourism
  • Research Assistant (Yoga), National Council for Teachers Education, MHRD
  • Nodal Officer, Directorate of Distance Education, S-VYASA
  • Ex Business Development Manager,

A brief profile about Ravi Tumuluri

Ravi Tumuluri hails from Nellore town located in the State of Andhra Pradesh in South India. From a traditional familial background, he has been identified as a creative personality with his out-of-the-box ideas. He has contributed towards many of the path-breaking initiatives of VYASA, S-VYASA and DDE, S-VYASA in his various roles at VYASA. This maybe a reason he is often identified as the ‘Principle Shishya to Guruji’, Dr HR Nagendra, the honorable Chancellor of S-VYASA and the President of VYASA

Prior to coming to VYASA, he was leading a typical corporate householders’ lifestyle, lastly in Delhi with a leading portal on health and yoga. It was here that he had a tryst with destiny and met many spiritual masters including Dr HR Nagendra, a scientist and a spiritual master. Ravi Tumuluri always says that the open-mindedness and the simplicity of Guruji is what attracted him to VYASA and Prashanti Kutiram, the campus and the headquarters of VYASA. It was only obvious that this attraction and an innate desire to propagate Indian Culture brought him to VYASA.

However, many people including his closest family say that Ravi Tumuluri had a spiritual awakening when he was in his late twenties which introduced him to a new-way of life. This new way of life also brought about a total personality transformation. He was selected for BTech (Chemical Engineering) from Regional Engineering College (now a National Institute of Technology), he has now completed yoga courses and lives a yogic lifestyle perpetually in bliss

While at VYASA, Ravi Tumuluri has adopted, analysed and improvised the four streams of yoga as codified by Swami Vivekananda. Using intellect for the correct understanding, he has been able to bring in accelerated growth. He has also applied the correct understanding in his various roles at VYASA

Ravi Tumuluri is a prolific writer and a speaker. While he has the art of captivating his audiences through presentations and talks in a scientific manner, he has been able to document and make manuals of many processes he is involved in. He attributes his speaking skills to regular recitation and reading of Samskrt shlokas and texts. He is presently involved in writing standardized texts for Yoga through Distance Education in his role as the Nodal Officer, S-VYASA. He has toured throughout India and has held his audiences spellbound by his clear, simple and straight-forward oration. He is a versatile speaker and has captivated the hearts of seekers of science, spirituality, health, education, governance, etc through his fluent presentation. Ravi Tumuluri has presented 17 papers in National and International conferences on yoga education and technology.

Ravi Tumuluri has a great deal of experience in Information Communication Technology and is now looking to scale-up the visibility and reach of yoga using the advancement in technology. In his present role, he has implemented many such solutions which take the yoga learning to the doorstep of the learner.

Ravi Tumuluri often says that he has learned all-inclusiveness from Guruji and tries to implement the same. The inclusiveness is the reason VYASA has been able to forge relations with many organisations for VYASA, governmental and non-governmental, national and international. He has been involved in recent tie-ups for VYASA with his creative and intelligent proposals. Ravi Tumuluri has developed a deep understanding of the truth and righteousness (Satya and Dharma) which has been implemented for the Directorate of Distance Education, S-VYASA

He is married to a homemaker and has a doting daughter. Both mother and daughter have followed him into the Ashram-living and the family has adopted a simplistic, non-materialistic life. His parents live with him.

Present Position

Director, Ikshvaku Solutions Private Limited

Director, Kovidara Skills Development Private Limited

Joint Secretary, Indian Yoga Association


Previous Positions

Nodal Officer, VYASA, Delhi

Responsibilities undertaken:

  • Nodal Officer, VYASA and Coordinator, Committee on Yoga Education in Universities under MHRD facilitated by UGC
  • Liaison works for VYASA with MHRD and AYUSH


Previous Positions

Nodal Officer, Directorate of Distance Education, S-VYASA

Technology Officer – S-VYASA Yoga University (deemed-to-be University)

(From November 2007 to 2013)

My experience at S-VYASA can be categorized into SIX major sections

1.Non-residential Education
2. Technology Solutions
3.Networking with National and International Organizations for MOUs
4.Networking of Campus
5.Proposals and Projects


  1. Non-residential Education

Developed yoga courses and modalities to be taught in the non-residential mode including online mode and hybrid mode. Included development of standards for non-residential yoga courses. We improved the quality of the education and made it on-par with Residential Education.

  1. Technology Solutions:

Implemented technology solutions specific to the needs of the University including:

Automated Examination Systems: Vendor Mindlogicx

Tied up with Mindlogicx for AES on BOO (Build-own-operate) model. With Zero-investment, we were able to setup servers and applications. The recovery model for the vendor is a revenue-share model to be paid on a per-student per-exam basis. The students are charged per exam per semester for the revenue generation.

Digital Library Systems: Vendor Procyon

This is a BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer) model. With Zero investment, Revenue-shared recovery model. The vendor would digitize all content and make the same available through Dspace, an open source digital repository application. The students are charged a library fees for this service. For the Digital Repository, outside subscribers can pay and subscribe. Internet Bandwidth was also factored into the costing of the products

Cataloging Systems: Vendor Procyon

This is a BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer) model. With Zero investment, again. Revenue-shared recovery model. The vendor would catalog all VYASA books and put it on Koha open source cataloging system. The students are charged a library fees for this service.

Online Courses Systems: Vendor Procyon

This is a BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer) model. With Zero investment, again. Revenue-shared recovery model. The vendor would convert Yoga courses into an online model with Instructional Design format and host on Moodle Engine. A completely online course. The students are charged

Courses on Mobile Applications: Vendor Enovate

With Zero investment to VYASA, again. Revenue-shared recovery model. Our Stop Diabetes Movement module has been put into Mobile Application server downloadable on the OVI Store. Eventually, all yoga content would be developed on these lines

Hospital Management Systems: Vendor IAssure

This is a BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer) model. With Zero investment to VYASA, again. Revenue-shared recovery model. The vendor would provide and maintain the entire HMS with complex functionalities

Networking of Campus (OFC / LAN)

Networked the entire Prashanti Kutiram campus with Optic Fiber cable and Copper cabling inside the buildings. The entire system is networked to allow two-way streaming of media. The entire campus can live stream sessions going on anywhere in the campus to the intranet / internet servers. Developed a collocation center

  1. Website Management

We have 12 domains hosted on shared servers as well as dedicated managed servers hosted at our Network Operations Center. All websites are being managed by non-technical staff with simple, cut-n-paste commands. Published a whitepaper on the Website Management.

  1. Networking with National and International Organizations for MOUs

We now have about 60 MOUs with various organizations. We have grown nearly double-fold in the last two years. My role has been to initiate the agreement, draft and finalize agreements. Also, I have visualized and concretized specific tangible, deliverable for both participants in the agreements to define the path for the understanding.

  1. Proposals and Projects

Non-residential programmes got a major boost with a grant from IGNOU. I have similarly prepared about 20 proposals which can help grow yoga tremendously through using the technology platform. The proposals have been prepared for national and international, governmental and governmental grants. There is tremendous scope for public private partnership and these projects are being review at various levels.

Tied up with a Printer who invests in all printing and distribution for SVYP books, with no investment to VYASA. VYASA will be paid discounts and royalty too.

  1. Liaison

As part of my job profile, I have toured many parts of the country to initiate Stop Diabetes Movement. This included setting up newer centers with technology support. These centers are now the retailing backbone of the organizations and hub of all activities for VYASA.


Job Profile


Reporting Structure

Library Information Management Systems: Deployment and implementation of Koha LIMS; Deployment of DSpace Digital Library Systems

Vice Chancellor through Director, DDE

Learning Management Solutions: Installation of Servers for Moodle LMS and development of Instructional Design content for various online yoga courses;

Technology Officer

Capacity Building: Increasing software / hardware inventory; Cat5e / Cat 6 LAN inside buildings; Optic Fiber Cabling between building in 110-acre campus; Deployment of Servers, routing devices, switches etc. Vice Chancellor
Examination Management Systems: Customisation and deployment of Intelliexams Systems; the modules included admissions, question banking, examinations, gradation, certification and reexamination systems on online or offline modes Vice Chancellor
Website Management: Creating the architecture for organizational websites to use them as a medium of instruction / education / outreach Vice Chancellor
Writing Papers on Web Solutions: Authored FIVE papers on the website and its activities; Two Papers have been published in ICDL Vice Chancellor

Regional Coordinator

VYASA Activities: Streamlined VYASA activities by writing a manual for administration and outreach; Created revenue models for each activity of the organisation including: Vice Chancellor
Courses: Coordinating Courses and Academic Progammes at the S-VYASA University; including Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Doctoral Programmes; Vice Chancellor
SMET: Self Management of Excessive Tension programmes for Corporate Employees; SMET for Corporates, organisations etc Vice Chancellor
Yoga Therapy Programmes: Coordinated Arogyadhama therapy programmes; Vice Chancellor
SDM: Stop Diabetes Movement, Western Regional and Central Regional Coordinator Vice Chancellor

Business Development

National and International Networking Vice Chancellor
MOUs: Drafted and redrafted new and old MOUs with various organisations in India and abroad as part of the expansion activities of VYASA Vice Chancellor
Contracts: Worked out Build Own Operate models without any investment to organisation on a revenue share model for LIMS, LMS, Examination Systems; in process of working on similar models for printing, other technology solution etc Vice Chancellor

Non-Residential Courses

Setup and implemented new systems for standardization of non-residential learning materials and evaluation systems; setup online systems of learning, continual and terminal assessments Vice Chancellor


Chief Operating Officer –
(August 2004 till November 2007)

My experience at can be categorized into FOUR major sections

a. Business Development
b. Website Administration
c. Content Development
d. Marketing & Research


  1. Business Models Developed:

Created and implemented models which were visualized as clear revenue generating modules

Community Module



Yoga Jobs

Yoga Tours in India



Community Module:

Healthandyoga now has the largest online Yoga and Natural Health Community on the web. The starting point for all community activities is the Yoga Directory:

The Yoga Directory is a free resource available to all yogis and natural health seekers on the web. Seekers can register themselves and submit their listings as a Yoga Teacher, Studio, Event, Retreat, Resource or a Holistic Practitioner

Similarly, created the Yoga Jobs section for Job Seekers and Recruiters in line with job portals

Evolution of the Community:

Invited people to list themselves in the Free Directory; once submitted, the listings were evaluated based on Ranking System. The listings were rated as per information provided and awarded Medallions – Privileged, Favored, Preferred, Featured; The Medallion was a Graphic which stated that the Teacher, Studio, Event, Retreat or the Website were Healthandyoga Rated; the members of the Directory were allowed to place this Medallion on their website. The Medallions would provide a link back to our site

Created a directory search module where visitors seeking yoga could find yoga by location, name, style etc.

Created a one-page micro-site for each listing – Community Browse section where visitors could browse through Countries, States and Cities or by Styles; created a few thousand pages of content through this module

The visitors could find yogis as per their requirements and write to them with their queries; these queries are routed through a Healthandyoga Editor who reviews each query and forwards only the relevant ones, rejecting the junk queries

Also, made available Yoga Locator Tools, a simple code to allow websites to place the Yoga Directory search box on their sites. Their visitors could then search directly from their sites and find yoga in their localities; the locator tool also contained a link back to Healthandyoga

Created an interface for Community Login homepage; upon landing, the member would be suggested available opportunities on Healthandyoga

The Design of the Community Homepage is also dynamic wherein all messages and alerts could be customized to the members as per their preferences; this, again, was achieved by splitting the entire page into sections and controlling each individual section through an administrator interface; All modules listed below and more are showcased on the Community Login interface


An Amazon-eBay style market place where yoga and natural health vendors could sell their merchandise; here again, each product was rated as per information provided during registration. Listing needed to be approved upon submission or if it were edited.

Once approved, visitors on the MarketPlace could buy products from the market place; the shipment module was a drop-shipper module

Members listed on the Community also started listing their products on the MarketPlace

Vendors wishing to submit their products needed to become Partners and submit their products online through FOUR exhaustive forms including Product Details, Pricing and Customization Details, Returns Details and Shipping Details

These products once approved were provided at special prices on the web

Setup a team of editors to augment information provided in the listing through thorough research on the web and through interaction with vendors


A similar module; RetreatPartners or owners of various yoga retreats and properties were allowed to list their retreats on the RetreatPlace on a revenue-share arrangement; visitors looking to travel around the world for yoga retreats could enquire and book for the yoga retreats listed on the RetreatPlace.

Again, retreat owners are required to fill up exhaustive online forms to submit their listings including retreat details, testimonials, terms and conditions, dates and durations, etc

Listings are first reviewed and approved by our panel of editors


Yoga Jobs:

Started a Naukri/Monster kind of people-to-people HR service where Yoga Instructors/Teachers from anywhere in the world can place their resume; similarly people looking to employ Yogis could find teachers through us;

Yoga Job seekers could place their resume freely while Recruiters needed to sign up for a paid membership


Yoga Tours in India:

Offline Initiative – Implemented Yoga Tours; this activity required networking with local tour operators, Yoga Ashrams, Yoga Instructors, etc to service the foreign clients interested in Yoga, spiritual, cultural tourism in India.
Typically, a Yoga/spiritual holiday would involve Yoga, Ayurvedic treatments, spas, cultural sightseeing, rafting, trekking, etc Successfully implemented this initiative by networking with local agencies
As the networking improved, increased number of sectors to include important sectors such as Rishikesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra, Mysore, Pune, Goa, etc

Backed this model with extensive research and collected thousands of local travel agents from around the world as a back-end support for this model; Implemented the directory browse model for all retreats and made available retreats under countries, states and cities



As an internet extension to the Yoga Tours in India initiative, created and implemented the RetreatAgents module. This module allowed Travel Agents around the world to avail discounted prices for all the Yoga Holidays in India.

The RetreatAgent needed to become a member of Healthandyoga to avail this facility. The agent could login in and book a holiday or yoga tour for any number of people at discounted rates

The RetreatAgents could also place banners of various retreats available on the RetreatAgent interface on their website and earn through banner affiliate commission


  1. Website Administration:

Created some ‘Base’ modules which were used to develop websites / webpages. These modules ensured that the all new webpages adhered to set standards. The standards ensured dynamic crosslinking between webpages, elimination of human errors because of oversight especially in Metas of the webpage and easy page administration and editing of webpages

Dynamic Linking:

Page Creation / Administration / Editing:

Dynamic Linking:

Developed a wikipedia-like model of cross-linking pages on the website.

The idea is to link keywords from any page to relevant pages on the website(s)

As an example, a keyword ‘keyword’ appearing on any page dynamically links to keyword.asp on the website

This is done by pre-defining theme(s) for every page on the website

So, every new page created on the website is provided two essential qualities – a predefined theme and predefined keywords in its content or body

This ensures that every new page created has an inbound link from all pages on the website where the ‘theme’ keyword appears. Similarly, all keywords on the new page also become outbound links for predefined themes of website pages

This logic could be extended across sections of a website or to different websites i.e. if ‘Homepage’ is the theme for the index page on Google website and also for Yahoo index page, a priority allows us to define which ‘homepage’ keyword should link to the appropriate homepage

Similarly, if a keyword is not providing a relevant link, the same category or website is ignored from dynamic linking


Page Creation / Administration / Editing:

Developed a module to generate webpages ‘on-the-fly’

This was achieved by splitting the template of each webpage into many sections such as headers, navigation bar, left panel, right panel, footer, etc as per the requirements of the website or webpage. Each pre-defined section is then included from a central location. Dynamic Pages so created can be easily administered centrally by manipulating each section

Developed a simple interface to create a webpage. This interface allowed an editor or a creator to define theme(s) (required for dynamic linking as described above), content keywords (required for dynamic linking), page metas (Title and Description) and Body or the content of the page for every new page created

Similarly, developed a model to administer / edit the created pages

  1. Content Modules:

InfoPlace or the Information Place was the central point for all content at Healthandyoga. As the content in the Infoplace increased, Page Creation / Administration / Editing made website management simpler and Dynamic Linking increased the number of inbound links to each page. Text-Banner Display module and Website Tools helped in providing more relevant content to the visitors.

The InfoPlace is the information place and includes four main modules:


Yoga Articles





This module displayed Yoga books and writings in a simple and accessible html format, adhering strictly to copyright laws; all authors wishing to allow users content at absolutely no cost became willing to place their books on the ReadingRoom; The books increased the content on thereby increasing the number of entry points for yoga enthusiasts around the world

Displayed options to buy complete books on the ReadingRoom, both hard copy and soft copy


Yoga Articles:

Included all articles and newsletters from various contributors in the community. This section has both Read Articles and Write Articles section



This venture made us printers and publishers of books which were not easily available; smaller writers who possessed valuable and rare content utilized this section to have their books printed
Supplemented this model with eBooks, which the user could buy from the website as downloads



A section to allow Yoga Practitioners and Institutes/Organisations to post Research Papers on various researches being carried out to validate the scientific basis of Yoga; VYASA became the first contributor on this section.

Displayed options to buy complete Research Papers on the ResearchPapers sections, in the hard and soft copy formats.

Also, displayed the option to enroll for Doctorate Program in our Institution

Marketing Modules:

Research & Outreach

Text-Banner Display

Website Tools



Research & Outreach

One of the first initiatives I started at Healthandyoga was to build a Research Team. I trained this team to look for relevant yoga and natural health contacts on the web; training included use of tools such as harvesters and extractors to retrieve relevant information from the websites. Collation of localized data was the competency the team strived to attain. The man-machine interface helped us dig out hundreds and thousands or relevant contacts to inform and invite to the Healthandyoga community

Developed a stupendous Mailing module which functioned broadly as:

Insertion of unclean contact data into preset categories

Deletion of duplicates and irrelevant data

Rejection of dangerous data

Auto-generated mailers to various categories of contacts in a predefined sequence

Removal of Unsubscribe emails

Removal of bounce mails


Text Banner Displays

Developed a rotational Banner / Text Information snippet system; the system would pick banners and text snippets from a database and throw them randomly on the ten-thousand odd pages available on the website

Developed a Contextual Banner  / Text Display system which showed ads as per the theme of each page; this system would also display a relevant ad to the visitor as per his search criteria


Website Tools

Once we had a steady flow of articles, we made XML and JS Feeds of these articles; the XML feeds allowed users to read updated articles from their desktop Feed readers; JS Feeds allowed website owners to place a list of articles on their websites;
While XML feeds increased our desktop audience, JS Feeds increased our internet audience; The JS feeds also had inbound links in their code
The combination of serious content and technology is unmatched yet
As an extension, we also allowed people to place our Yoga Glossary on their websites with a courtesy link



Started the system of sequential mailers for all outreach activities; this involved creating newsletter / mailers about 7-10 initiatives to the contact person. The mailers would be spaced at a gap of 25 days

In my opinion, my personal bests at include:

Tie-ups with:

  1. VYASA
  2. Parmarth Niketan
  3. Ved Niketan



  1. Community Building
  2. Content collation and publishing
  3. Evolving online systems to increase efficiency

Online Marketing Specialist – / (Since Jan 2004 – August 2004)


Scope of Work

  • Web Content – Create content for web pages; create mailers and promotional newsletters applying writing skills; increase sales through Search Engine Optimization; increase keyword density on pages by rewriting and refining content on web pages
  • Online Marketing – Search Engine Optimization, Banner Exchange, Link Exchange, Email marketing, etc

In Charge (Bangalore Operations) – Business News & Information Services Pvt Ltd, New Delhi (Since May 2001)


Scope of Work:

Setting up of press clippings service

Organizing access to newspapers and magazines; reading and keeping tabs on industry

Finding avenues to market the concept of press clippings

Specifically, tasks undertaken include:

  1. Organizing telemarketing activities (both outside agency and in-house); Visualizing and implementing sales pitch; training telemarketing agents with appropriate telescripts; recruiting and training staff in telemarketing activities
  2. Meeting top executives in Corporates; including CEOs, CFOs, MDs; also I have developed great rapport with Corporate & Marketing Communications executives of top Corporates in Bangalore, within a matter of two months
  3. Meeting PR Agencies; am in friendly terms with major PR agencies like Grey Worldwide, O&M, Genesis etc; interact on a regular basis; Also in touch with journalists in Bangalore
  4. Bringing out adverts in magazine
  5. Tying up with Stalls/Bookstores to distribute subscription forms for clippings service after discussing and deciding revenue models
  6. Direct Mailing activities
  • Analyzing Content: Developing classification systems such as ‘Contextual Classification’ to provide focused and relevant client-specific content through human/human-machine interfaces. Scanning hundreds of online and offline, national and international websites.
  • Report Making: Monitoring major Indian News publications to deliver daily digests on subjects like Defence, Civil Aviation, Marine, Oil & Gas, Shipping, etc. to corporates for their information needs. Monitoring national and international news sites to create and deliver daily digests for corporates on subjects like Telecommunications, Infotech, Insurance, Hospitality, etc. Work includes rewriting available online and offline content into easily readable digests. Analysing and creating comprehensive, precise reports about websites and news sites, to better understand user behavior, internet trends, successful dotcoms, internet standards, etc. Daily reports & Online Digests for reputed corporates including Reuters, Rolls-Royce, Bharti Televentures, Idea Cellular, BBC, etc
  • Managerial: Have been involved in training and filtering candidates to deliver in areas of content like report making, classification systems. Involved in top management decisions vital to survival and enhancement of business, on issues such as finding new business opportunities, forming an American Corporation, etc.
  • Marketing: Was directly responsible through effective communication for clinching major contracts with content providers like,, etc and corporates like Siemens, Xerox, etc.

Individual Contribution at (part of Business News & Information Services Group):

  • I have, on my own initiative, created comprehensive and precise reports on websites of competing content providers such as,,, etc. through constant and thorough monitoring, listing in detail, aspects such as content management, services provided, website navigation, website design, clientele, etc to easily make available analyses about trends in content management and website/web user behaviour.
  • I have initiated the process of standardization of to adhere by internet standards set by the W3C.

Academic Qualifications:

Graduation: BE Chemical from KREC, Surathkal

PUC – Pre-University from BNES Junior college, 1988

Schooling: St Germains, Bangalore; St Aloysius Bangalore.



Name:   Ravi Tumuluri

Date of Birth:  10th August, 1971

Present Address:  75 A Pocket F, Mayur Vihar, Phase II, New Delhi – 110091

Permanent Address:   Flat #403, New Maruthi Residency, Near Maruthi Nagar, Karmanghat, Hyderabad – 500079


Contact #:   8376074511

Languages known:  English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada


Dr HR Nagendra
Vice Chancellor,
Phone: 09342160422



Jyoten Kandel

Director Legal


Phone #: 9810198022


Abhay Aggarwal

Director, Business News & Information Services

Phone #: 9891220000

Email :