Yoga Therapy and Counselling

A residential intensive workshop for yoga teachers and therapists by Dr. N. Ganesh Rao
June 24 – 29, 2019

For many people, yoga has become (or is becoming) an important part of their life and wellbeing. It is popular in many parts of the world and is practised mostly for its therapeutic value, resolving physical and mental illnesses and bringing peace and quiet.

But yoga is much more than this. It is a holistic healing process which, when guided by well-trained practitioners, teachers and therapists, can transform people’s lives. Hence, there’s a need for such teachers and therapists who have a clear understanding of yoga from a holistic perspective.
Yoga Therapy and Counselling

The need for Yoga Therapy and Counselling
Today, a large number of physical ailments are considered psychosomatic – i.e. the causes for these ailments are emotional or psychological factors. Understanding and managing these emotional and psychological root causes, therefore, are inseparable from treating the physical ailments. To this end, counselling becomes an integral part of the overall therapy.

Since not all yoga practitioners, teachers or therapists are well-versed in the principles of counselling, we have designed a specific workshop on Yoga Therapy and Counselling which addresses key principles and practices of Yoga and Counselling. This week-long workshop is ideally suited to yoga practitioners who wish to become effective and ‘complete’ yoga teachers and therapists.

This intensive workshop enriches your understanding, practice, teaching and therapy of yoga. Apart from adding value to yoga practitioners, teachers and therapists, the workshop is relevant for anyone who is keen on understanding the human body and the mind, their functioning, and their health. This leads to a clear understanding of the holistic effects of yoga practices and they can bring sheer joy to life.

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