There shall be a Standing Publication Committee of the Association consisting of the following:

  1. Director: To be unanimously selected (failing thereby to be elected) by the Executive Council amongst the Members of the Executive Council.
  2. Members – 6
    • (a) Nominated Members (3): Nominated by the Executive Council amongst the Members of the General Body having rich experience in Literature and publication work.
    • (b) Co-opted Members (2): The Director of the Standing Publication Committee may co-opt maximum two experts, if necessary and it has as to be ratified by the executive council.
    • (c) Ex-officio Member (1): The Secretary or Joint Secretary of the Association.
  3. Convener: Convener is a full time professional with expertise in the relevant field of the Committee to be selected by Selection Committee Chaired by the Director and same may be approved by the Executive Council and will have no right for casting a Vote.

Standing Academic Committee


  1. All proposals relating to Publications of the Association shall be referred to the Standing Publication Committee, which shall consider them and make its recommendation thereon to the Executive Council.
  2. Term of Office of nominated members of Committee shall be co-terminus with the term of the Executive Council but shall not exceed three years. An outgoing member shall be eligible for re-nomination. No proceedings of any Committees shall be invalid for the reason of lack of nomination/vacancy in the Committee.

Standing Academic Committee


The Standing Accreditation Committee shall have

  1. The Standing Publication Committee shall have general control of all the publications – both print and electronic media – of the Association.
  2. The Committee shall have authority to do and exercise all the powers, acts and deeds for the planning, executing and bringing out high quality publications – both in content and presentation – of the Association and its branches within India consistent with the aim and objectives of the Association, as set forth in the Memorandum of Association.
  3. The Standing Publication Committee can recommend to the Executive Council to make such changes in bye-laws of the Association as they shall think essential for the regulation of the publication aspects of the Association and in particular with reference to (i) the publication of books, handbooks, brochures, monographs, proceedings, Charts of Yoga practices, journals, (ii) the production of VCDs DVDs and other components of electronic media as web sites, etc (iii) giving guidance for the preparation of such material from different Standing Committees (iv) the formulation of Publication delivery system consisting of sales outlet, stores, reprinting processes, etc (v) eligibility criteria for selection of Yoga Publications submitted by the Standing committees for effective dissemination of knowledge base of yoga to public at large (vi) creation and abolition of posts in the Standing Publication Committee and (vii) any other purpose that may be necessary.
  4. The Executive Council may by resolution delegate such administrative powers and financial allocation as it may think proper to the Director of Standing Publication Committee as may be considered necessary.
  5. The Standing Publication Committee will prepare its budget for the year, keep proper accounts of receipts and payments as also income and expenditure and submit to the Standing Finance Committee for approval and ratification whenever necessary.
  6. The Standing Publication Committee may raise donations or grants to augment the funds allotted by the Executive Council every year to meet the demands of the academic affairs of the Association and such donations or grants raised by the Standing Publications committee will be allotted exclusively to the Standing Publications Committee by the Executive council.
  7. The Standing Publications Committee shall have the powers to revise, reframe, amend or repeal the Publications of the Association to be ratified by the Executive Council of the Association.
  8. The Standing Publication Committee may appoint Sub-Committees in different places for specific purpose and with such powers as may be specified by it.
  9. Nothing in these rules shall prevent the Director from exercising any or all the powers of the Standing Publications Committee in case of emergency for the furtherance of the Publications of the Indian Yoga Association and the action taken by the Director on such occasions shall be reported to the Standing Publication Committee subsequently for ratification.

Standing Academic Committee


    • The Standing Publication Committee shall meet as often as may be considered necessary by the Director for the transaction of the business of Publications matters of the Association but shall meet at least once a year. The Director will Chair all such meetings.
    • Every notice calling for a meeting of the Standing Publication Committee shall state the date, time and place at which such meetings will be held and shall be served upon every member of the Standing Publication Committee not less than 14 clear days in case of ordinary meeting and not less than 7 clear days in the case of extraordinary meeting before the date of meeting under Certificate of Posting if sent by post or E-mail.
    • The agenda shall also be sent along with the notice of the meeting and where it is not possible, the agenda shall be sent at least 7 days before the ordinary meeting and 5 days before the extraordinary meeting under certificate of Posting if sent by post.
    • The Convener shall send notice of meeting of the Standing Publication Committee to all its members.
    • The accidental omission to give notice or the non-receipt of the notice by any member shall however, not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.
    • The convener will also record the minutes of the meeting and keep all the necessary records for implementation.
    • One third of the members of the Standing Publication Committee present in person shall constitute the quorum at any meeting of the Standing Publication Committee In case a meeting is adjourned for want of quorum, there shall be no quorum for the adjourned meeting.
    • All disputed questions at meetings of the Standing Publication Committee shall be determined by votes and the opinion of the majority shall prevail. Each member of the Standing Publication Committee shall have one vote and in case of equality of votes, the Director chairing the session shall have a casting vote.
    • Any business which it may be necessary for the Standing Publication Committee to perform, may be performed by way of a resolution in writing circulated amongst all its members and any such resolution so circulated and approved by majority of members entitled to vote at a meeting of Standing Publication Committee shall be as effectual and binding as if such a resolution had been passed in a meeting of the Standing Publication Committee provided at least 3 members of the Committee have given their approval to the resolution. ix. The Director shall have the right to adjourn any meeting.
    • A decision given by the Director of the meeting on a point of order raised by a member shall be final.
    • All proceedings of the meetings of the Standing Publication Committee shall be entered in a Minute Book to be maintained by the Convener for the purpose and the Director at the next

meeting shall sign all minutes after the same is duly confirmed by majority of the other members.