Shakti Practices and Beeja Mantra Chanting

A workshop for self-healing and harmony

July 8th – 13th, 2019

Shakti Beejas are Seed vibrations that inherent within us, as inherent as our existence itself.

They are the vibrations that resound and are the core seed energies or the Divine “Shaktis” vibrating within us and in the universe which grow and energize all forms, movements and human conditions.

Shakti Practices and Beeja Mantra Chanting

Various Yogic practices spanning Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cultures commonly use Beeja Mantras, which are intense and high powered sounds or vibrations, for Purifying, Healing, Harmonizing and Empowerment in their daily meditation and healing practices.

Beejas are Shaktis or vibrational Core energies that govern and effect our lives and the purity and power with which we work with our inner and outer environments.

Key Takeaways

The weeklong interactive healing retreat will empower participants with:
  • Understanding the Feminine Divine manifesting as seed energies within us and the basis of Shakti Yoga.
  • Knowledge of Shakti practices for healing the Mind and Body
  • Learning Beeja Mantras for healing various ailments and health conditions
  • Shakti Mudras for healing, concentration and empowerment
  • Visualization therapies from the Indic Shakti Traditions
  • Healing with the Sri Yantra and powerful Srividya techiniques
  • Accessing the Dashomahavidyas – the ten wisdom shaktis and the core vibrations within us.
  • Recognising your true nature with the four Maha-Shaktis
  • INNER JOURNEYS and travel beyond the body…

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