Sacred Connections | Yoga & The Art Of Healthy Relationships

29-March- To 31-March-2019

Venue | LONDON, UK
The quality of our life depends largely on the quality of our relationships, and all the relationships we share can be categorised into three fundamental sets – the relationship we have with our own self, the relationship we have with others and the environment, and the relationship we have with the divine or source consciousness.

Yoga recognises this and has tools which can help transform all three. This seminar is for all who are on the spiritual path, or who just want help with relating better!

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The Seven Cakra-s | Exploring the Energy Centres

03-May- To 05-May-2019


The Yogin-s understood the human body differently from how we perceive it today. Apart from understanding it as a complex physiological structure, the Yogin-s also realized that we are made up of an intricate subtle body. An important part of this subtle entity is the major energy centers known as Cakra-s, which are linked together through subtle channels called the Näòi-s. Each of these Cakra-s is associated with vital physiological and emotional functions. Hence the Yogin-s firmly believed that any imbalance in the Cakra-s could result in physiological and emotional illness and vice versa.

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