Naada Yoga with Vedic Chanting

18-March- To 06-April-2019

Yujyate anena iti yogah” – that which helps our union with the Divine is Yoga. Nada Yoga means Yoga of Sacred Sound. Mantras, Vedic Chants, Kirtan/Bhajan, Suktas, shlokas, stotras and singing the glory of the Divine in any form ultimately take us to this divine union, called Nada Yoga.

In this Nada Yoga with Vedic Chanting Course you will have the opportunity to learn the Vedic chants for the morning universal prayers; and, the Hanuman Chalisa, Shiva Mahimna Stotra, mantras and bhajans / kirtan for the enchanting experience of the Divine Ganga Aarti on the holy banks of Ma Ganga at sunset. Additionally you will learn the Durga Sukta in worship of the Divine Mother and the Sarva Devta Gayatri to honour all the manifestations of the Divine Creator.

This 3 week program will also include hatha yoga, meditation, mantra yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga; and, daily bhajan/satsang after dinner as a wonderful way to end the day.

If you want to connect with the Divine through sound, then this Nada Yoga with Vedic Chanting Course is for you.

Instructions in English.

Certificate: Commitment to the practice, punctuality and attendance, and honouring the yogic principles must be demonstrated to qualify for the certificate.

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