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Dear Friends, students, colleagues and well-wishers,

Warm greetings from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram.

Hope the month of November filled your lives with light, fun and laughter. At KYM, we continued our journey of reaching Yoga to all. In fact, MITRA, a key initiative of our beloved founder, Shri T K V Desikachar, is an effort to reach Yoga to all sections of the society. Through the MITRA program, we work with various social organisations, one of them being Madhuram Narayanan Centre (MNC) for Exceptional Children. Recently, the MITRA team, led by Sri S Sridharan, Trustee, was part of MNC’s national seminar on early intervention for exceptional children. He spoke about how Yoga is a tool that helps these children learn necessary skills for their productive living. He said that the focus of doing Yoga is to create body awareness and strengthening sense organs, among other things. With the use of props, chant integrated practices and stories and other activities, the MITRA team at MNC has been able to help these children make Yoga their way of life.

We, at KYM, have great satisfaction in seeing the progress made at MNC and observe how Yoga has contributed to their independence.

I would like to thank the entire MITRA team for their effort and wish them luck in continuing this wonderful journey.

I hope to hear back from you with suggestions and feedback on your
experience at KYM on


K. S. Sudhakar,
Managing Trustee, 
Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram


SS Sir

Talk on ‘Yoga for early intervention’

Sri S Sridharan, presented a talk on ‘Yoga for early intervention’ at the 15th National Seminar of Madhura Narayana Centre for Exceptional Children. He was assisted by Ms. Andal K and Ms. Sudha Subramaniam.


Yogasya bhasha reaches the Prime Minister of India

KYM is very happy to note that Yogasya bhasha – graded books for learning Yoga through Samskritam , a project developed in Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Literary Research Department with Samskrit promotion Foundation (SPF), New Delhi has reached our PM Mr. Narendra Modi, who is a great patron of Yoga. This book was launched at KYM by former Chief Election Commissioner Sri N Gopalaswaami on September 23rd 2018.

An article on KYM’s Trustee and Senior Mentor

The Making of a Yoga Teacher, an article on KYM’s Trustee and Senior Mentor, was published recently in our national daily, The Hindu. Click here to read the complete article.

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Research Data : relief for reported symptoms

The research data in this graph indicates the average relief for top 5 reported symptoms out of 163 primary symptoms; relief score is out of 5.

IMG 6116

Manobalam research study published in IJOYAS

Manobalam (an Evaluative Study of Individualized Yoga Therapy for Psychological Wellbeing) conducted by KYM’s research department has been published in the July to December 2018 edition of International Journal of Yoga and Allied Sciences

IMG 6901

KYM conducts yoga class for rural students

As a part of an ongoing project, we conducted free yoga class for more than 730 students. These rural students are from four Government schools situated in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu.


Śarīra Saṁyama | Advanced Āsana Intensives

KYM is happy to announce a series of advanced Āsana classes, focusing on a specific posture, with insights into planning for specific goals while integrating specific preparatory postures and counter-postures. There will be a brief introduction to the form and function of each posture, as well as means to intensify the effects of the posture. This class offers an advanced study of Āsana and will be open only to those with prior experience in practicing Yoga in any tradition.Interested students will first meet one of the consultants of KYM for preliminary assessment before being offered a space in this programme.

For more details visit: (Visit |


Teacher of the month

Sangeetha Kannan, Senior Therapist and Mentor, has been teaching at KYM since 2002. She shares her experience at the Mandiram:

“I came to the Mandiram with no knowledge of Yoga and my experience here made me want to pursue this for life. My first memory of KYM is that of hearing Sir’s chant; I was very mesmerised by his voice. There has been no turning back since then.

I applied for Teacher training program in 1998, but didn’t get admission then. However, that did not stop me and I reapplied for the course in 2000 and was successful in getting admission. My learning journey started then and it has not stopped so far. In fact, my passion for Yoga has only deepened and in the process brought a lot of changes in me and my interaction with others. The subjects I pursued during college, Psychology and Sociology, served as a very good platform for my journey as it gave me a deeper understanding of how a person interacts.

During the second semester of my teacher training course, I used to accompany my senior teachers for outreach and MITRA programs and take classes for kids. This made me want to learn more about asana-s and understand them better. Hence, I observed kids classes, started practicing with them and teaching them. The kids I taught then are now taking classes for children at KYM.

As far as therapy goes, every time I meet a student, it makes me more grounded. These classes are a therapy for me and help me relearn the things that we know.

Each day is a new day with full of new learnings. And each day, I grow as a person. I thank my teachers who have helped this happen; my teachers who taught me then and those who continue to teach me today.

Shri Gurubhyo Namah.”

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