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  • Syllabus for Level 1 - Yoga Protocol Instructor

    Certificate holder can function as Yoga Instructors for teaching basics of Yoga to teach common Yoga protocol developed by the Ministry of AYUSH for International Day of Yoga for classes in parks, societies etc., for prevention of diseases and promotion of health.

  • Syllabus for Level 2 - Yoga Wellness -Instructor

    Certificate holder can function as a Yoga Instructor to teach Yoga for prevention of illness and promotion of wellness in schools, Yoga studios, workplaces etc.

  • Syllabus for Level 3 - Yoga Teacher & Evaluator

    Certificate holder can function as Master Trainers in Yoga educational Institutions, Yoga training Courses and training programs. He or she can also act as Evaluator and assessor of Yoga professionals. Can teach in studios, Institutions, colleges/ universities/ Institutions of higher Learning