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Note:-"Please note that it is application for appearing in yoga certification examination. It is not a yoga course or a training programme. Please see for more details."

  • Later other levels shall be added.

    Have You Registred With Other PrCB?
    Are you a certified Yoga professional under Ministry of AYUSH?
    Earlier application rejected


    Do you have any family history of :

    Whether you have undergone any surgical operation in the past?
    Do you take medicines regularly?
    Do you have any body deformity or defect?
    Do you have any problem of Rheumatism / Asthma / Joint pain?
    Do you have any large veins in your legs, thighs (varicose -veins)?
    Are you color blind?
    Do you have any hearing problem?
    Have you ever had any skin disorder?

    Have you ever had medical treatment for?

    If already certified or applied for any level under the same scheme, state the name of Certifying Body
    Any pending judicial proceedings relating to your conduct or any pending proceedings by any regulatory body.
    I have read and understood the Applicants duties along with the Declaration which also includes the Code of conduct and agree to abide by it and the
    undertaking present in it. Selecting Yes will allow you to successfully submit your application.


    I, confirm that I follow the Yamas and Niyamas as delineated in Patanjali Yoga Sutras to the best of my ability in my day-to-day life and promise to continue to
    do so in future. I understand that if I am found blatantly violating the Yamas and Niyamas at a later date, my
    certification can be suspended and withdrawn.
    I also confirm that I am in good health to be able to impart yoga education and will bring it to your notice when there is a change in my health which will
    adversely affect my functioning as yoga professional. I understand that if I am found not fit health-wise to be yoga professional at a later date, my certification can be suspended and withdrawn.
    I agree to comply with the certification requirements and to supply any information needed for the assessment.
    I will ensure a safe and protected environment in which an aspirant can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually
    I confirm that I have read and understood the document forming part of this declaration. On receipt of any complaint or event which is violating the same,
    I will immediately inform IYA of the same.