The following are the recommendations:

  1. Formation of the Kerala State Chapter

The following nominees were recommended for different posts from amongst the members present and other nominees who were in absentia (for matters of convenience and for inclusivity, we wish to increase committee size and have 2 to 4 Vice Chairmen, 2 to 4 Joint Secretaries and many members; also more than one representative of the same institution is being recommended based on the assessment of such individuals by the Regional Coordinator)



Name of Nominee Present Designation Recommended

Post in IYA, Kerala

1. Natraj Director, Sivananda Yoga

Vedanta Dhanvantari Ashram, Neyyar Dam, Thiruvanantapuram

Vice Chairman However, he is a

foreign National (which is fine as we have Swami Ritawan Bharti in IYA)

2. Dr Jitendra Sharma Representative, Sri

Aurobindo Society Calicut Centre

Vice Chairman
3. Rajagopal Krishnan State Coordinator, AOL, Ernakulam, Kerala Secretary
4. Dr Rajeevkumar R SRF, Niyanthrit

Madhumeha Bharat Abhiyan, Member, Executive Board, Patanjali Yoga Training and Research Center, Ernakulam, Kerala

Joint Secretary He is a young

Brahmachari and can devote much time; also associated with Sangha

5. Shyju Krishnan RP Faculty, AOL,

Thiruvanantapuram, Kerala

Joint Secretary Young and

experienced networking all yoga institutions as part of Skill Training;

6. Dr KN

Madhusudanan  Pillai

Representative, Vivekananda Kendra,


7. Dr Vinod Nair Representative of Vinod

Nair, Mokshyatan, Kerala

  1. Nominee from other organisations in different posts can be included based on their age and experience
  2. We shall wait for some senior people to be nominated as the Chairperson
  3. The office of the IYA Kerala State Chapter will be located at:

Sree Vilasam Palace, Kottapuram Lane, Tripunithura, Ernakulam – 682301

This is Dr Rajeev Kumar’s own center and we will be provided a room here; our board will also be put on the outside

  1. The following can be the signatories in ‘both’ mode
    1. Secretary
    2. Treasurer

Please approve this committee and nominate the above team to start the Kerala State Chapter of IYA; also approve the other recommendations so we can start operations

(This is the latest updated report given by our office bearer; any later updates will be reflected at the earliest)


Report of the First Meeting, CR