IYA State Chapter Manual

Regional Coordinators have been nominated by the President of the Association as follows:

  • Dr SP Mishra, Vice President – Central Zone
  • Sri Subodh Tiwari, Vice President – West Zone
  • Smt Kamlesh Barwal, Secretary General – East Zone
  • Sri Ravi Tumuluri, Joint Secretary – South Zone
  • Dr Jaideep Arya, Joint Secretary – North Zone

The respective Regional Coordinator will call for a meeting of yoga fraternity in the State including representatives of IYA Member Institutions. In the meeting, the members of the State Chapter will be finalized as specified in the guidelines below.

The Maharashtra State Chapter of IYA was nominated in the 17th EC. Accordingly, the following will be the guidelines for the formation of the State Chapters of the Association:

Rules and Regulations of the Association:

  1. The term of the nominated State Chapter and its members will be a maximum of THREE years from the date of formation; The EC may resolve to revoke the State Chapters at any time if they find the Chapter not fulfilling the objectives of the Association
  2. A State Chapter will not be a separate legal entity; it will be a local chapter of the Association that will be nominated by the Executive Council of the Association.
  3. The following will be the structure of the State Chapters; however, number of Vice Chairmen, Joint Secretaries and Members may vary to accommodate more representation


Sl. No. Office Bearers and Members State Unit Union Territory Unit
1.      Chairman 1 1
2.      Deputy Chairman / Vice Chairman 1 1
3.      Secretary 1 1
4.      Joint Secretary 1 1
5.      Treasurer 1 1
6.      Members 4 2
  Total 9 8



  1. Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members

All Office Bearers posts in the State Chapter Committee are honorary. Candidates for all posts are nominated by the Executive Council of the Association from candidates forwarded by the Member Institutions / local yoga organisations. Broadly, the roles of the State Chapter Committee will be:

  1. Chairman
    Chairman will chair the State Chapter Committee meetings

Chairman will give a positive direction to the State Chapter

  1. Vice Chairman
    Vice-Chairman will stand-in for the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman.

Vice Chairman will contribute in the decision making processes of the State Chapter

Vice Chairman will coordinate the activities of the State Chapter

  1. Secretary
    Secretary will be responsible for the communication with the Headquarters

The Secretary will carry out the mandate provided by the Association

The Secretary will ensure that the State Chapter office is open at all times

Will report regularly to the Executive Council, IYA

  1. Treasurer

The Treasurer will look after all financial affairs of the area

The Treasurer will monitor requirements at the State Chapter

  1. Joint Secretary
    The Joint Secretary will be responsible primarily for the field work and the outreach programmes.

The Joint Secretary will work stand-in for the Secretary

  1. Member
    The Members should stand to volunteer for any activity as required by the committee.
  2. Special Workers:

The committee can create provision for special workers where necessary and appoint them for employment on a salaried / contractual basis. The terms and conditions for Special Workers may be defined by local committees.

  1. The Chairman and the Secretary of the State units and Chairman of UT Units will be the General Body Members of the Association. If anyone is unable to attend any meeting of the General Body, they may send their representative to attend the same. For the first three years, State Chapters will not have voting rights in the GB although they can participate in the same
  2. The State/UT Units will work under the Constitution, aims and objectives of the Association and the decisions of the Association will be binding on them.
  3. The State Units will generate their own revenues by way of membership fee, sponsorship, donations, etc.

Revenue Generation:

  • Memberships
  • Projects
  • Events
  • Sales of IYA / MI products
  1. Cash Flow: All cheques for Memberships / service charges / donations should be drawn in favour of Indian Yoga Association App, New Delhi; Cash collections should be deposited regularly in to the IYA, New Delhi bank accounts

IYA Bank Details:

Bank Name: Punjab National Bank


A/c No.:        0153000110110795

IFS Code:     PUNB0015300

  1. The Association will open bank accounts with local signatories in the name of Indian Yoga Association, State Name; these bank accounts will receive funds only from the Association bank accounts and are not authorized to receive funds other funds
  2. The Association will send 50% of all funds received from the States to the bank account of the State Chapter for local development
  • Audit: The State Chapters should follow strict accounting procedures including regular internal and external audit of all accounts
  1. Social Media: State Chapter should maintain active Social Media accounts with regular updates and link to the Association Social Media
  2. Reporting Mechanism:
  • The State Chapter will submit monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports of IYA activities with photographs and data as per the requirement of the Project
    1. Performance Indicators: The following will be the primary performance indicators:
      1. Memberships: General, Professional and Life for individuals; Member Institutions and Associate Institutions for Organisations
      2. Academic Activities
      3. Research Activities
      4. Courses
      5. Examinations
      6. Projects
      7. Events
      8. Social Media Updations
      9. Reports
    2. IYA Local Office:

The State Chapter will be located in a local IYA Office to be decided by the State Chapter.

  1. Essential Features:

The Local Office should essentially have:

  • Office Board (the creatives/design will be provided by the Association)
  • Standees designed by the Association (the creatives / design will be provided by the Association)
  • Brochures / Pamphlets designed by the Association (the creatives / design will be provided by the Association and no alteration is allowed to the design). However, local language translation maybe given by the Local Office and approved by the Association
  • Facilitation Stores that will stock publications of IYA / all IYA Member Institutions / Associate Institutions / International Associates / Life Members and other IYA approved Literature / products