Indo-American Wellness Conferecne and Exhibition

What is IAWCE?

Indo-American Wellness Conclave and Exhibition

The 2nd Edition of this event is being supported by Ministry of AYUSH!

Who is the main organiser?

FIA – Federation of Indo Americans of Northern California


What is IYA’s role?

IYA is an Event Partner along with Ministry of AYUSH!


When is IAWCE?

Please block your dates:

June 6th to June 9th, 2019


Where is IAWCE – 2 being held?

Santa Clara, USA!


Who can participate?

All AYUSH Organisations!

Specifically, IYA has proposed to Ministry of AYUSH participation by all its Member Institutions!


Why should we participate?

IAWCE is a showcase presenting a diverse range of products, practices and professionals.

It is a unique opportunity to meet, connect, network, negotiate and conduct business. (Brochure attached alongwith as IAWCE.pdf)

There is a reimbursement of upto Rs 4 Lakhs by International Conferences Section, AYUSH for every organisation that is pre-approved by Ministry of AYUSH

Approvals are done by the Project Approval Committee (PAC)

So, we should all apply and if we receive prior approval, we all can plan to participate!

What are fields in the application form?

  1. Appendix-II (Prescribed format under IC Scheme attached along with as ICScheme.docx)
  2. Covering letter
  3. Registration certificate from State or Central Govt. of the institute
  4. Details of the Institute, No of Patient/ details/ any other details related to Yoga Institute
  5. Turnover details in case of AYUSH Manufacturers/ Industry
  6. GMP Certificate in case of AYUSH Industry (Not applicable)
  7. IEC Certificate in case of AYUSH Industry (Not applicable)
  8. Total turnover of the company in attached format (attached along with as turnover.docx)
  9. Product list of the company (Not applicable)


Since, the PAC will look critically at similar applications, we request all our Member Institutions to categorise their applications in the following sub-domains:

  • Yoga – Policy, Regulation and Coordination (Indian Yoga Association will apply in this sub-domain)
  • Yoga Education (Formal Education)
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga Research
  • Yoga Training (Non-formal Education / Vocational Education / Skill Training)
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga (Other – Specify)


We should not have more than 4 to 5 applications in each sub-domain

Since we are 32 MIs, we can have about FIVE application in each

You may submit the completed application form with necessary documents to IC-Section-AYUSH <> with a copy to

Please submit the application soonest possible as the PAC will revert in 15 days or so!


For any clarifications, you may write to us

For More Details: Click here