A Norec (FK Norway)-exchange takes place through the mutual exchange of employees or members between organisations or businesses based in different countries for a 3-12 months period. The main activity of Norec (FK Norway) is to support the exchange of employees and members between businesses and organisations in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through innovative collaboration, our partners share knowledge, learn from each other, and build stronger bonds of cooperation. Norec (FK Norway) is exclusively financed by the Norwegian National Budget, forms part of the governmental Norwegian developmental policy and is directly subordinated the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

FK Norway


What are the benefits to the IYA Member Institutions?

  • Funding for Training Programs (Exchange programs)
  • Package value-addition for your training programs in your centers
  • Increased visibility around the world
  • Foreign participation for your programs

What are the benefits to members from your institutions?

  • Funded travel to different parts of the world
  • Certification Programs (THREE to TWELVE months)
  • Exposure to different cultures

What is IYA role?

  • Facilitation; we will help you prepare the Feasibility Study report and main application
  • The MIs will pay administrative charges to IYA (this amount is also paid by FK Norway)

What are the select countries?

Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Zimbabwe
Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, China
Latin America
Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua

What are the prerequisites to participate as IYA Member Institution?

All MIs who have FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) Account are eligible for this Exchange Program funding as the Primary partner

MIs without FCRA may participate if they have a center in these select countries

What Are the next steps?

1. Attitude of Service

Service is a yogic vehicle which can help accelerate our growth. Please note that we should bring in an attitude of service, a seva bhava. With this in mind, the Project Directors should try and conserve resources, including financial resources. An order of precedence to utilize resources could be:

  1. Free resources or resources made available freely by IYA friend and well-wishers.
  2. Part-time resources which may be used if not for the entire day, then for a period of time daily, weekly or monthly without any cost to the organization.
  3.  Paid services
  4. Costs which may be reimbursed: For those mandated to raise bills for IYA, it is advised that clear accounts books are maintained

2. Dos and Don’ts for IYA workers

A – Dos:
  1.  Should lead a Yoga way of life;
  2. Should consult local committee for any decisions that may effect the traditions of IYA
  3. Should present already-available, documented evidence of yoga research while making public statements; while making public and press presentations and announcements, it is suggested to back check with IYA Head Office for quality of content and concept
  4. Be positivea bout all Yoga schools, Paramparas and Institutions.
B –  Don’ts:
  1.  Should not criticize or enter into debate about any school of yoga
  2.  Should not glorify IYA or personalities of IYA without documented proof
  3.  Should not glorify yoga or other systems of philosophies without documented proof

4. Who is eligible?

IYA would prefer this order of precedence for selection of Project Staff for implementation IYA vision and mission

  1.  Expenses incurred by people who offer their valuable time and resources may be directly billed to IYA and reimbursed
  2.  Full Time Workers: Will be directly on the payroll of IYA. Such workers will be given specific deliverables and are accountable directly to IYA through the Project Directors.
  3.  Part Time Workers: Will be recruited on a contractual basis.
  4. Incentivized Workers: Such workers may be given jobs where target-specific objectives will be set. Sooner such targets are met, higher will be the take home

We are looking for a Project Director for this Project

    1. Qualifications: Prior experience in such project
    2. Remuneration: Not a constraint for the right candidate
    3. Deliverables: Should make project sustainable; must develop a team

Please write in confidence to opportunities@yogaiya.in

Please write in confidence to opportunities@yogaiya.in

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